While the timelines may look similar, no two weddings are the same and each bride and groom comes equipped with their own set of needs and wants. Because of this, our packages are customizable with A La Carte options and there is plenty of guidance in choosing the proper one - we don't believe in trying to cram your vision and your ability to work with us into a tiny box. Options range from simple day of coordinating to full service planning for couples who live out of state. We love the comfy farm weddings as much as we adore the big city extravaganzas, so send us anywhere and everywhere - the sky is your limit. The only thing we can't promise is that we won't end this journey as dear friends, so take a peek below and reach out once you have an idea of which direction you want to go in.            


This is considered to be more of a "3-months-leading-up-to-the-wedding" coordinating package.

Give you, your family, and your wedding party the freedom to enjoy your wedding day (and the months leading up to it) by having a professional handle each and every detail you have so carefully planned.

Need an extra boost? Ask about the Partial Planning package.

Starting at $1,595


The perfect package for the couple that is wanting the extra boost from Day of Coordinating. Take everything from the Spruce and sprinkle in some assistance with establishing your design, full review of current and potential contracts, and the 45-day relief mark when all planning and vendor communication is passed on to me!

Starting at $1,995

Day of Coordinating
Partial Planning


Starting at $2,695

Full Service Planning

Starting at $3,795

"Start & Finish"

Grand Fir

For the busy bee couple that has the vision but doesn't have the time to execute it. Allow us to take on the responsibilities of researching, reviewing and coordinating all the details while you sit back, relax, and make only the fun decisions - like cake tasting!

The most popular and resourceful service from Evergreen Weddings. This unique package is designed for the couple that feels confident in tackling the planning but would like some assistance in the beginning with budgets, visions, designs, and vendor recommendations. Each couple also receives a customized planning timeline to help eliminate the

guess work.