Wedding Tip: Stay in Season

Today's tip is regarding one of the biggest wedding day staples that I just can't get enough of - and that, my loves, is florals.

Florals add such an elegant, dreamy layer to your wedding design, and can often be enough of a statement that you won't need anything to supplement them. But how do you achieve the glam Pinterest look that you've been seeing while keeping within your budget?

First step: Remember that Pinterest is showing you floral statements from every budget, every season, and every event (including styled shoots). Your wedding is more specific than that.

Second step: Search for florals that are specific to your wedding month ("January Wedding Florals") - this will instantly shave off some of the cost.

Third step + pro tip: Remember your florist is the pro! Ask them for guidance on alternative floral options if your dream flower isn't in season or is out of budget.'s also ok to splurge. When planning my wedding, I was obsessed with white anemones and wanted those no matter what. So I splurged, and I don't regret it!

What's your favorite, no-compromises, flower?


Photography: S & J Photography

Florals: Botanikal Design

Venue: Wisteria Gardens in Anacortes

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