Wedding Tip: Skip the Party Favors

Tuesdays are for tip sharing here at Evergreen Weddings and more times than not you may find me going against the grain on my suggestions. This is because I am a HUGE advocate for couples to pursue their own vision of their wedding and to not follow all of the "should-do's" they see on the internet.

For some, this is really hard to do - and that's okay! For others, they align more with dear Christine - which is also okay! It's your wedding, so no matter what you do, IT'S OKAY!

One of the number one questions I get asked is: "Should we do party favors or not?" Because it's one of those trends in the wedding industry that is kind of dying, but also doing a really good job hanging on, I immediately let the couple's budget answer that for them. If they have room left and they REALLY want party favors, then why not? I never want to tell a couple what they shouldn't and shouldn't do, buuuuuut if I'm asked what my thoughts are on them, this is what I would say:

Do yourself a favor and SKIP the party favors.

Your reception - the meal, the drinks, the dessert, the dancing - is a party favor in and of itself.

Ask yourself what else you could do with the money used for party favors (typically a few hundred dollars if you're doing a "Grab and Go" favor).

  1. You could upgrade your honeymoon suite

  2. You could splurge on a fancy bottle of champagne to split

  3. You could save it for your Honeymoon

  4. You could *shock* SAVE THE MONEY!

However, this is your wedding boo, so if you want some gosh darn party favors then you get those gosh darn party favors - but perhaps consider the following options:

1. Don't buy enough for every guest. Most people come as a couple - not every couple needs two of the same favor. And a lot of people don't even take the party favor. I say it's better to run out than to have too many.

2. Give something edible! Look into some customized sugar cookies, homemade jam, or even just to-go boxes for the desserts you already have. This is a great way to gift your guests something that will go to good use (AKA: fulfilling those midnight munchies!)

Check out these fun cookie businesses that could fulfill all your sugary dreams:

Dusty's Cookie Jar

Cookies by Chloe

Sprinkled Sweet Cookies

Bigfoot Bakery

3. Bring in a photo booth! Those pictures will serve as a gift that your guests will definitely be keeping around for years to come - unlike

What kind of party favor do you like to see at weddings? Drop it in the comments below!

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