Wedding Tip: Runaway After "I Do"

Another Tuesday Tip Day comin' at ya, and today I'm talking about why you should skip your reception altogether.

Okay come on I'm kidding sheesh.

One thing I always, always, always build into my couples' timeline is a 10 minute window after the ceremony for them to just go be MARRIED for a bit. To be able to look at each other through a new lens as husband and wife without the distractions of cameras, congratulations, and confetti. Your wedding day is going to go by so incredibly fast - the last thing you want is to look back on the day and realize you never got to spend a single minute with the person you just married. So, here's your permission to run away after you say "I Do" - go make out, do a happy dance, grab a snack, drink some water, chug a beer, whatever you want to do, just go do it together!

1) Ask someone from your wedding party to come get you after 10 minutes (be sure to tell them where you plan to go)

2) Head off in the direction where you plan to sign your marriage license - less walking the better, your feet are gonna be hurtin' soon, and if your designated come-getter-after-10-minutes person forgets to come get you, at least you'll be close to where you have to be next!

3) Grab a drink on the way out of the ceremony - refreshing, relaxing, and you're going to need it for all the talking and smiling you'll be doing soon... :)

If that sounds like a little too much extra work, then GIRL - get yourself a Day of Coordinator.

This stuff is important!

Contact me today and let's where I can fit into your plans!


All Photography: Lisha Durbin Photography

Dress: Bellasposa Wedding

Hair & Make Up: Onsite Beauty by Brooke

Florals: Floral Smith

Venue: Maplehurst Farm

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