Wedding Tip: Skip the Seating Chart

Yep, you read that right!

Skip. the. seating. chart. Now say that ten times over and breath a big sigh of relief that you get to check something off your to-do list. This isn’t a bash on seating [read: designated table] charts, and you have my full support if it’s something you are just dying to do, but ask yourself WHY you want a seating chart.

Is it because you know there is a bucket load of family or friend drama and this will save everyone the pain of awkward encounters? Is it because you think your guests will have a much better time if they have a designated table to flock to? Is Queen Elizabeth, Orlando Bloom, and Kylie Jenner attending and it seems like the perfect level up needed to impress them? Maybe you flat out think your guests are incapable of talking to strangers. Whatever your why is, take it to the next level and ask yourself “Is this really worth my time?” Because honey, this ain’t a simple afternoon project. This is something you will be working on up until the month of your wedding because you will still be waiting for RSVPs, you will deal with last minute cancellations, and you still have to get the design printed/shipped/picked up, etc.

9 times out of 10 the answer to the latter question is: NO. It’s not worth your time. You have so much on your plate as it is, so let’s start working smarter not harder shall we? Your guests will be FINE if you skip the seating chart. Like it says, part of the fun of weddings is meeting other people who share the same love for the couple being celebrated!

So what are some fair compromises?

⁃Reserve tables for immediate family members (and your wedding party if you aren’t doing a head table) close to where you and your dearly beloved are sitting.

⁃If you’re really itching to have table numbers because you found some hella cute ones on Etsy (like these or these) you can still have them! In fact, it makes the dismissal of tables for dinner that much easier.

Tip Graphic Credits Photography: S & J Photography

Venue: Wisteria Gardens LLC

Florals: Botanikal Design

Drapery & Linens: Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals

Trio Photo Credits Photography: Mistry and Scott Photography

Venue: Vanderveen Farm

Florals: Fir Island Floral Smith

Drapery & Linens: Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals

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