4 Creative & Fresh Alternatives for the Average Guest Book

Have you ever wondered what the ACTUAL purpose of a guest book is? Like the old school kind where the guests literally just sign and date their name like it's a contract? I hate to say it, but even as a wedding planner, I sometimes find myself wondering the same thing. BUT I am a sucker for traditions and while the purpose may ultimately seem non-existent it is still a time tested tradition for any and all wedding days.


Fun fact: Wedding guest books were originally designed so the attendees' signature could serve as documented witness proof that the wedding covenant actually happened.

Nowadays, they feel more like an obligation - from both the bride and groom's side, as well as the guest's. So how do we keep this fun tradition alive while re-working it to fit today's modern times, as well as the couple's style?!

Here are FOUR super fun alternatives to your average "sign on the dotted line" guest books:

1. Polaroid Photos

Probably the most popular, "new" format out there. These revolutionized, modern day Polaroid cameras are relatively cheap and a super fun toy to have around after the wedding is over.

This pink one, for instance, is $59.99 on Amazon and 20 film strips are going for roughly $15. Find a cute scrapbook-style book (ideally just paper, not necessarily one with all the page sleeve inserts), color coordinated Washi tape, and fun pens - BAM, you have an "interactive" guest book with no confining spaces for guests to write in, and you get a photo to remember them by rather than just a signature. Did you know I rent a package out for this exact set up? Check it out HERE!

Ways to go the extra mile: Pre-stick photo corner tabs in your book so guests can easily slip their photos in. Have pre-set areas for guests to write in. Create a fun backdrop for guests to take photos in front of.

Alternative to a book:

2. A Personalized Item

When people think of you as a couple, what do they think of? "They are the traveling couple." "They love to do ______." "They're big on playing games." Whatever the answer is, find an item that represents YOU, and have it available for people to sign. For instance:

For the game lovers:


Connect Four

For the world travelers: Custom globe Blank map of the world or United States

3. Open to Suggestions

Maybe you LOVE hearing suggestions from other people, whether it be advice or random ideas. Nowadays, there are a lot of fun packages along the lines of "Leave advice for the new Mr. & Mrs." or "Date Night Idea Cards."

Find a set or two that include a signature line so you know who offered the tips, and therefore ultimately helping you remember who was in attendance on your wedding day.

4. The Right "Frame" of Mind

Love to decorate? Find something that can easily be signed and just as easily hung up in your home as unique decor full of sweet, sweet memories. Think of the mat border within a picture frame - have guests sign the mat and then place one of your wedding photos in the middle! Or maybe you love charcuterie boards. Have a custom board made, let your guests sign it, then seal it off (nobody likes Sharpie flavored charcuterie snacks, amiright?!) and VOILA!

Etsy is your friend for all customized, unique pieces like this one!

What fun, creative Guest Book alternatives have you seen?! Bonus points if you have links. Share it all below in the comments!

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