50 Reasons to Hire a Day of Coordinator

Ah, the one question that has five million answers. Where do we even begin?!

If you didn't catch my previous post ("In the Beginning...") then the first thing to know about Evergreen Weddings is that it started because of personal wedding experience without a professional Day of Coordinator (from here on we'll say DOC for short). Granted, my incredible big sister/Matron of Honor offered to fill the role for me and I had no doubts that she would do an amazing job - but when the day came, I just really wanted my sister with me. I didn't want her running around doing this, that, and the other. I wanted her to spend time with me while we got ready for the day.

The bottom line for why you should hire a DOC is simple : Why would you invest so much time, money, and emotion into all of the elements of a wedding day to then only *hope* it will magically come together?

Think of the process it takes to build a house [Disclaimer: I don't build houses, I just make sure flower girls don't lose their shoes]. You have electricians, plumbers, roofers, architects, painters, framers, the list goes on. Sure, they could all show up to the job site and have a general idea of what's supposed to happen because they've done it before and most houses are generally the same. But still, every house is different enough to make it necessary to have a general contractor who oversees the process and directs each professional on where to go and when. Most importantly, the general contractor is there to show the big picture to everyone - to say "This is the end goal. These are the important pieces in the eyes of the homeowner and this is how we're going to get there."

Now replace the house with all your wedding plans, and the electrician with the DJ, the plumber with the caterer, the painter with the florist, the architect with the venue, the framer with the photographer...and the general contractor with the DOC.

See where I'm going with this?

If you plan to go all out with your wedding, to have the whole kit-and-caboodle equipped with a sparkler exit and flash mob (kidding, flash mobs aren't really a thing at weddings...I don't think...), then you need, need, NEED a Day of Coordinator. Or else a family member or friend will offer to do it, which we're going to touch on real fast:

"My Aunt Shirley has planned the church potluck for 12 years!"

That's fantastic - but this is a wedding, not a potluck.

"My cousin Liz has done, like, sooo many weddings for her friends."

And I'm sure she does a great job. Just keep reading.

"My old college roommate is super organized, she'll get the job done."

Organization is key, but there's more to it than that.

While their intentions are good, the job they do may not live up to the hype. Why? Because they have other obligations. Obligations they won't think about until the wedding day, such as family photos (which usually happen during the time the DOC is coordinating with the caterer so dinner is served on time), catching up with old friends (which happens literally all night long), that fifth glass of wine (because it's a wedding and who's actually counting?).

Repeat after me: Friends and family have two jobs and two jobs only on the wedding day - to celebrate me and my spouse, and to enjoy themselves. (Eat, Drink and Be Married signs don't exist just to be cute decorations - it's serious advice!)

If you're a list person like I am, then kick back, relax, and start scrolling - because here are

50 reasons why it's worth hiring a Day of Coordinator

1. [Insert everything I just said up there, right here]

2. Your DOC has experience coordinating weddings and knows how to be proactive rather than reactive.

3. Your DOC probably has experience with your other hired vendors - hello, well oiled machine!

4. Your whole family, yes even your mama, can relax on the wedding day.

5. YOU can relax on the wedding day.

6. A good DOC is really more of a "months-leading-up-to-the-wedding" coordinator because to do a job well done, they have to know the job inside and out, frontwards and backwards. That takes time.

7. A good DOC offers unlimited communication from the time they are hired to even days after your wedding. You will never be alone!

8. Your DOC makes sure your flowers are delivered on time.

9. Your DOC makes sure your decorations are set up just how you want them.

10. Your DOC helps usher guests along so your day can continue to flow smoothly.

11. Two words: Emergency. Kit. No more scrambling around trying to grab random items that you think you might need in a pinch.

12. The most obvious of them all - WEDDING DAY TIMELINE! The Holy Grail. The Big Kahuna. The absolute game changer.

13. Your DOC serves as the point of contact throughout the whole day. Otherwise, you'll be the one filling that role, and ain't no bride got time for that when she's about to walk down the aisle.

14. Your DOC is your safe space when one of your bridesmaids is totally sucking but you don't want to start drama and complain to the other bridesmaids.

15. Your DOC cues the DJ to start the music at the right times.

16. Your DOC makes sure you and your wedding party are where they need to be at the right time.

17. Your DOC makes sure the caterer is ready to serve dinner on time.

18. Your DOC will pick up the pipe and drape when it blows over mid-reception.

19. Your DOC will fluff your dress just before you enter the ceremony.

20. Your DOC will ensure your flowers are recycled and reused throughout the reception.

21. Your DOC is the one that does damage control.

22. A good DOC will make sure your drinks are always full if your Best Man/MOH got side tracked.

23. Your DOC will make sure your candles are lit.

24. Your DOC conducts your rehearsal.

25. Your DOC helps herd the cats (i.e. mother of the bride is supposed to be doing family portraits but got hung up talking with Aunt Shirley, or if your Maid of Honor has run off somewhere right when she's about to give her toast)

26. Your DOC can be the messenger if: The lighting is too bright, the music is too loud, the water jugs need refilling (unless nobody is designated for that task then your DOC will just do it themselves), the heaters are on too high, that one guy your friend brought has had a bit too much to drink, and so on.

27. Your DOC will ensure your vendors get their tips and remaining payments.

28. Your DOC will ensure your gifts, cards, and gift cards are placed in a pre-designated safe place.

29. A good DOC will help light all of the sparklers for your big exit.

30. Your DOC is your A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E. They have no other obligations or goals other than making sure your wedding is the absolute dream you always hoped it would be.

31. Your DOC makes sure your orders are all correct upon arrival and will fix it if they're not.

32. Your DOC will inevitably become your friend.

33. A good DOC caters to the families and the wedding party because they know how much they matter to you.

34. Your DOC will know what the venue expects of you and your entourage once the party is over so nobody is hit with those sneaky damage deposit fines.

35. Your DOC will ensure you have to-go boxes packed with leftover food...and will make sure you actually have them when you leave.

36. Your DOC can offer alternatives for literally anything you need if you're looking for ways to fit inside your budget.

37. Your DOC is your personal hype woman.

38. A good DOC will do a venue walk through with you to ensure the flow of the event is maximized and structured well.

39. Your DOC knows all the sneaky questions that you won't think to ask your other vendors, ultimately saving you time, confusion, and maybe even some money.

40. Your DOC will ensure your guests have signed your guest book and have taken a party favor. Waste not want not!

41. Your DOC will help you come up with a rain plan, and furthermore, will know exactly how to execute it should it happen at the last minute.

42. Remember, your DOC is your advocate, confidant, and hype woman (or man). You are their #1 priority so if they make decisions without consulting with you first, you can trust that they will do what they think YOU would want done, not what THEY would want done.

43. Your DOC will order a new keg and demand it be delivered/replaced for free when the keg they originally gave you won't tap (yeah...this is a true story)

44. A good DOC will help keep your dessert table looking appetizing by condensing and clearing what isn't needed.

45. Your guests will notice, and feel, if your day is chaos or if it's ran smoothly.

46. Your vendors will notice if your day is chaos or if it's ran smoothly. A DOC helps your whole team have an enjoyable, successful experience - which is ultimately the largest benefit to you.

47. Your DOC will attack [read: politely ask] the DJ to cut the Chicken Dance Song that you very intentionally said you did NOT want.

48. Your DOC won't let your decor go to waste, but will be sure to use it tastefully (if we're being honest, you will probably over spend and over stock on your wedding decor - it might as well go to good use [or Goodwill], depending on what your trusted DOC thinks).

49. You can streamline your rentals and possibly get them through your DOC instead.

50. You deserve the promise that your wedding day will be pure perfection.

So there you have it. If you still need more reasons for why you should hire a Day of Coordinator, shoot me an email and we'll chat about it. My question to you: If you are already married, did you have a Day of Coordinator or not? If so, tell me about it! If you are not already married, what are your thoughts on a Day of Coordinator?


Photography: Kylie Megan Photography // Demri Rayanne Photography

Venue (group of 4 photos): Sadie Lake Events

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