Passion Project

Dream Wedding Giveaway

Starting a business begins with a "why." It could be anything and there is no wrong answer.

My "why" was born from many things, but it ultimately stemmed from the overwhelming stress I felt during my wedding planning season. I faced so many life changes during the nine months I was engaged and I lost track of the meaning of my wedding day more times than I care to admit. So much change with so little time to process, and it led me into a year long battle of anxiety, depression, and loss of purpose. 

I never, ever, ever want another bride to feel the way I felt during what is supposed to be the very best season! 


Now take it a step further and consider a couple that is facing: Deployment, sickness, major loss. I can't even imagine - because life doesn't stop moving when drastic circumstances arise, it keeps going. And so do you, no matter how excruciatingly painful it is. But, friends, love is a sweet promise that can be a guiding light in times of darkness. My philosophy with Evergreen Weddings is to keep love the main focus at all times, and I bring this into my Passion Project by gifting couples who are facing unexpected extreme hardship prior to their wedding, or even their engagement, with a wedding of their dreams.

I will be partnering with local vendors who support this project to provide donated or reduced costs to everything needed for a wedding: Venue, food & drinks, photographer, flowers, decorations, officiant, and wedding planning by yours truly. A portion of my proceeds throughout the year will be donated into the Wedding Dress fund, where the winning Bride will have a gift certificate to purchase the dress of her dreams!

This Passion Project is currently in the works, so I am not accepting entries yet, but if you are a vendor - or you know of a vendor - that would like to jump on board and partner with me in this adventure, please fill out the form below.



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