Bride and groom kissing after ceremony; Bride is holding her bouquet in the air in celebration while guests look on and clap

Hello, Sweet Bride to Be!

My name is Lacey and I am so happy you're here! I'm a classic PNW native who loves all things Washington: Coffee, mountains, Grey's Anatomy, and evergreen trees. Especially the evergreens. They mean home to me, and that's the whole idea behind Evergreen Weddings. I believe this season of life is meant for more than just planning a wedding day. It's the time to begin building the foundation to your own forever home that will create a life that is rich and long-lasting, just like an evergreen. My purpose here is to help you stay focused on your marriage while I see to it that every dream you have had for your wedding comes true. I will assist in creating an authentic reflection of your love and relationship by providing personal guidance and unique resources tailored to fit your needs. So let's keep the main thing the main thing and plan an Evergreen Wedding, shall we?

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