Evergreen 101

[aka the FAQs]

Is a Downpaymet Required?

Yes, a 40% retainer is collected at time of booking.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes, payment plans are available within reason. Our typical plan is 40% down, and the remainder split into 4 installments.

Methods of Payment

Credit Card

Can I Add Services On After Hiring?

Absolutely! This is about making your wedding dreams come true. If there's extra help you need, I am here for you.

Is There a Travel Fee?

0-40 miles = None

41-65 miles = $50

66-100 miles = $75

100+ miles = Please Inquire

*Above mileage is one-way

Do You Offer a Military Discount?

Our Armed Forces have my utmost respect and support. The least I can do is help create their dream wedding. All military couples will receive 10% off!

Where Are Your Rentals?

Formal gallery & pricing to come, but for now I can provide a breakdown of what is currently in stock upon request.

Do You Use an Assistant?

I will use an assistant for weddings that have a final guest count over 250. 

An additional fee of $125 will be charged if this occurs.