Hi there

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Lacey and before I dive in, I just want to express my incredible excitement for you. You're probably here because you are newly engaged or you are helping someone that is newly engaged...and those are both such sweet & rich seasons of life to be in!

So, cheers to you!

If you caught my homepage, you'll already know that I'm a lover of all things Washington, but beyond that I love adventuring with my husband, conversations that leave you full of life and ambition, celebrating Taco Tuesday with my crew, and lovin' on my Young Life kiddos.

Outside of my business, you can find me cooking & baking, on the [indoor] soccer field, camping, refurbishing furniture, or binging on Gossip Girl, Stranger Things and Grey's Anatomy. I am well known for my ability to make a house a home, for opting out of handshakes and going in for a hug instead, and for my quick witted, and sometimes slightly inappropriate, humor. I'm a Type 2 through and through for those who know what that means, and it's both a blessing and a curse, and the main reason I rock at this job. My ultimate goal in life is to see more of this playground of a world God created for us and to love on as many people around me as I possibly can. 

Planning and coordinating weddings was never my lifelong dream, but owning my own business was. At first it was a bakery, then a restaurant, then a piano studio, then a home decor boutique, and then I finally landed here. After planning & designing my own wedding, I was both utterly exhausted yet completely full of life, wanting to do it all over again [with the same husband, of course!]. When a good friend graciously allowed me to do a mock trial by coordinating their Big Day, I came out of it with a confirmed new love and a boatload of encouragement from people who were shocked that I hadn't been doing it for years already. The rest is history and here I am today - proud owner of Evergreen Weddings!

I'm so excited for the opportunity to work with you. I can't guarantee we won't walk out of this season being BFFs, so let's grab some coffee [or wine] and get started!

- Lacey